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Download and install

You need to install software on both phone and PC to use WO Mic. Below sections suppose you are running Windows operating system on PC. If you are running Linux, refer to Linux setup.


Install app on phone

Install Android version from Google Play market:

Get it on Google Play

If you cannot access Google Play, please download and install WO Mic apk directly.

Install iPhone version from Apple AppStore:

Get it on App Store

Install VC runtime on PC

Install VC runtime re-distributable (x86) from Microsoft. This is necessary for WO Mic client to be working correctly; otherwise you will meet missing DLLs error. If you have installed it before, just skip this step.


Install client and driver on PC

Download and run the setup program to install WO Mic client and driver.

File Size Version
WO Mic Installer for Windows 1,429,375 bytes Client version: 5.2
Driver version: