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1. Features

WO Password is a password management tool. With it, you can access their passwords easily and securely. No more need to record passwords on a paper sheet!

WO Password stores password and other personal information locally and securely. Bank level encryption algorithms are adopted to protect password data. No data will be uploaded to cloud or passed through to any other applications. Only the user, with his master password, can access the data.

Main features:

  • User can define group and store his accounts into different groups. Groups can be embedded into another group to form group hierarchy. It makes management and search more efficient.
  • User can search accounts or groups easily and quickly.
  • Account data can be highly customized. Besides password, user can also put other information, like security questions, pin code of credit card, note, or any other data.
  • Account data can be imported and exported. User can export all account data into SD card file as backup. Later user can import them if he is setting up new phone. The export file can be encrypted as premium feature.
  • The app will automatically lock if no activities from user for some time. This prevents unauthorized access.

2. Install

WO Password is available for Android phone.

Get it on Google Play

3. Guide

3.1 Master password

The app will ask you to set up master password if it's the first time you start the app. Master password is used to encrypt and decrypt all your stored accounts. If you forget it, all your accounts will be locked forever. Please remember it correctly.

The app will lock automatically if no operation by you for some minutes. To unlock it, enter the master password to unlock the app.

3.2 Create group and account

Groups and accounts form tree structure. Accounts and sub-groups can be created in any parent group. This make it easier for you to organize your passwords. For example, you may put all your bank accounts into one group. If you have multiple accounts with one bank, you can create a sub-group for that bank separately and move its accounts into that sub-group. It makes things clear.

To create accounts or groups, select Accounts and go to right groups or sub-groups. Tap action icons to add group or account.

At most 20 accounts can be created with free version. You can buy premium feature to remove that limit.

3.3 Edit group and account

Long touch the group or account. In the context menu, select Edit to edit it.

3.4 Change order of groups and accounts

Long touch the group or account. In the context menu, select Up or Down to change its order. Note: groups are always in front of accounts.

3.5 Move to another group

You can move an account or a group to target group. If you are moving a group, all sub-groups and accounts will be moved along with it.

  1. Long touch the group or account to be moved.
  2. In the context menu, select Move to
  3. In the popup dialog, navigate to target group
  4. Tap on MOVE

3.6 Import and export

You can import/export accounts from/to file. You can copy the file to computer as backup.

If you have bought premium feature, you can select to export your accounts in encrypted format for better security.

When you do export, the file name will be appended with ".xml" automatically if it hasn't been suffixed with it. Don't remove the suffix; otherwise, it will not appear in your import file selection dialog.


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