HiMic makes your Android phone work as a wireless microphone for your PC. You can use it for voice chatting, recording, and recognition on your computer.

Main features:
  • Supports streaming voice captured on phone mic to computer
  • Supports connection by both Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Supports virtual mic ("WO Mic")which can be used like real hardware mic
  • Supports volume control and mute/unmute
  • Agent program can auto start when computer boots
  • All connection/disconnection operations happen on phone
  • Very short lag and acceptable voice quality
  • Support multiple phone connections. Currently the max number is 2
  1. Install HiMic app on your phone.
  2. Install programs on PC:
How to use
On computer:
  1. Launch HiMic agent.
  2. Choose either Bluetooth or Wifi as connection.
  3. Click on "Start" button and you will see its status changes to "Waiting".
On Android phone:
  1. Launch HiMic app.
  2. In Settings, select same connection as agent.
  3. Select "Connect".

Once they are connected, you can select "WO Mic" as recording device to do recording, chatting or any other jobs.

With Agent 2.1, you can connect 2 phones to the agent at same time. Audio input from both phones will be routed to the mic device.


You can always reach us at for any questions or comments.